Is A Do-It-Yourself Divorce Right For You And Your Spouse?

If you're considering a divorce or have already separated from your spouse, you've probably searched online for information regarding divorce procedures. You probably found do-it-yourself divorce kits for sale that promise to save you money. However, cheaper alternatives to hiring a divorce attorney may cost you money in the end. How can you know if ordering divorce papers online is the right choice for you and your spouse?

Are children involved?

If you have minor children living at home, you should seek the advice of an attorney. Child custody arrangements and child support are usually better handled through the court system and under the guidance of a professional divorce lawyer. You will want to make sure your children are protected and provided for in the best way possible.

Do you own a home or property?

Settling property or deciding who should remain in the home can be tricky. Laws vary from state to state regarding the distribution of land and houses. Many states have equal property laws where the homes and property are sold and the money divided between the spouses. Even if you and your spouse are in agreement about who keeps the home, a good attorney can advise your regarding the laws in your state.

Are you and your spouse in agreement about the divorce?

In cases where the divorce is a mutual decision, a do-it-yourself divorce can save you money on attorney fees and court costs. When only one spouse has initiated the divorce, it's better to seek an attorney. The spouse who isn't in agreement with ending the marriage may be dealing with a lot of anger and may try to make things difficult. In this case, both parties will benefit from the counsel of a divorce attorney. Knowing your rights can prevent unnecessary delays and protects your best interests.

Are you familiar with legal terms?

Unless you've studied law, you will probably feel pretty confused when you first read over divorce papers. The terms and language can be difficult to comprehend. You never want to sign something you don't understand. There's no substitute for wise legal counsel when you are facing a divorce. Spouses in the midst of a separation and divorce are suffering from emotional stress. Being under stress can cloud your judgment and make it difficult to make wise decisions. Having a good attorney will help you have peace of mind knowing your rights will not be violated.

If you're a childless couple with no property and few assets to divide, a do-it-yourself divorce may work well. If not, you're probably going to need legal guidance (from such firms as Hart Law Offices, PC) to walk you through the proper steps of divorce proceedings. Divorce is never easy, but having your attorney with you every step of the way will save you tons of headaches and provide you with the protection you need. Many attorneys offer free consultations. Even if you want to file your own divorce, meeting with an attorney to go over the basic steps can reassure you that a do-it-yourself divorce is the best option for you.