4 Reasons You Should See A Patent Attorney Before Going Public

If you have a new idea for a business or a new invention, you may want to shout it from the rooftops and immediately get started making money. While going public as fast as you can may net you money, it can also net you problems. More specifically, many people with invention ideas or business patents may run into problems with their intellectual property being stolen or their business getting messed up. Here are four reasons why you should seek a patent attorney before officially forming your business.

You need to turn ideas into products

One of the biggest issues that you may run into with a business idea is that ideas cannot necessarily be owned. That is to say that the simple idea of a product or a business isn't something one person can have ownership over. A patent attorney can help you understand what will constitute an actual product or business venture that can be patented specifically to you. Getting a patent for a product that is not yet properly sketched and defined can be difficult without the expertise of a patent attorney.

Changing a formula can mean you own it

If you ever have an idea for tweaking a current formula or a current process, in some cases, this may mean that you have put together a new product. If you have an idea for tweaking a formula or a product, attorneys in the patent field can let you know if you qualify to register ownership of the newly established product. Keep in mind that tweaking something often takes testing, which patent attorneys can give you advice on.

Your idea may be too close to another

There is a legal precedent set that people can sue for ideas or products that are seemingly too close to their own ideas. In order to not create a new business then find yourself entangled in legal proceedings later on, you should know from the beginning if your business idea will conflict with any other in your industry. Since registered patents are copious in number, you need a patent attorney to help you search through patent registries to be sure your business will not find itself in hot water later on down the line.

You can get further registry items

If you are looking to open a business and need to patent your business ideas, you may be concentrating on one of your ideas, and not enough of your other ideas. For instance, if you are opening a company that will operate based on social media, you may want to also patent your business app, plus trademark your business name and key phrases that your company will use. Registering all your ideas at once will make for smooth sailing and possibly keep you and your patent attorney out of litigation over future issues that can crop up.

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