Is An Attorney Necessary For Social Security Success?

If you cannot work because of an illness or injury, Social Security Disability is available for those who qualify.The funds for your monthly compensation have actually been put aside for you, via regular deductions from your paycheck. If you have worked enough and your medical condition is bad enough, you may be entitled to receive these funds for as long as you need them. Filing for Social Security, however, is not easy. The application process can be very confusing, especially for those suffering from their medical conditions. Read on to learn how having a legal professional on your side could help you be successful in getting the compensation that you have earned, need and deserve.

The key piece of evidence of your disability, your medical records. There is nothing more convincing of your need for benefits to the Social Security Administration than a complete set of medical records. It's important for claimants to seek medical attention for their condition and to stay in treatment, but procuring the records needed to prove your disability can be challenging for most people. Social Security attorneys understand the importance of a quick and complete procurement of those records and have experience working with medical facilities to get copies of your treatments, prescriptions, lab tests and more.

Missing deadlines could mean starting all over again. If you have been turned down for benefits on your initial claim, you must file an appeal if you are ever to be successful. Unfortunately, the deadline for this appeal can be pretty tight; only 60 days from your denial ruling letter. Unless you can show good cause, such as a hospitalization, you must begin the lengthy and laborious application process all over again if you miss this important deadline. Your attorney will be prepared to file your appeal quickly, which could lead to a quicker hearing.

The success of your hearing could hinge on good representation. You may not have another chance to prove how your disability has affected your ability to work at your job, so the appeal hearing is an important event. Proper preparation is key, and your Social Security attorney will be well-versed in understanding local court customs. This knowledge could pay dividends when you consider that a convincing display of your medical condition could make or break your appeal. Your attorney will work closely with your to ensure that you are comfortable and prepared to answer the questions of the hearing officer.

Increase your odds of success with legal representation. Interestingly enough, just having an attorney with you at your appeal hearing can increase your chances of getting your benefits approved. Studies show that your success rate with an attorney present rings in at 63.6%, as opposed to a paltry 40.1% success rate for those without legal representation.

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