Personal Injury Claims: 3 Types Of Evidences To Prove Severity Of Injuries And Attack

Personal injury claims can be filed for not only negligent actions, but also for deliberate acts that harmed you. If you've been the victim of an attack, you could sue your attacker for compensation to cover the cost of your medical bills, the wages lost and for any pain and suffering that the attack caused. A personal injury attorney can help you compile sufficient evidence to file a claim. However, you need to be proactive and help yourself by gathering the following 3 types of evidences.

Clothing from the Attack

To demonstrate the severity of the attack, keep the clothing you were wearing during the attack, especially if the clothing got torn or if you bled onto the clothing. This type of evidence can show the court just how vicious your attacker was. If your clothing is absolutely torn, it can demonstrate the force of which the attacker might have come at you or grabbed you. Blood on the clothing is a much more striking image than simply a testimony from yourself.

Testimony from Witnesses

Having a witness describe the attack in horrific detail can also strengthen your case. While you were being attacked, you might have missed some crucial details that can prove to the court that the attacker deliberately did everything in their ability to cause you harm. For example, you might not have noticed that the attacker looked around for a weapon prior to attacking you. Witness testimony can prove intent. Your personal injury attorney will prepare your witnesses for trial and will point out what the witnesses should focus on when testifying on your behalf.

Weapons that Were Used

If your injuries were caused by a weapon, you definitely want to be able to present the weapon in court. If the police were called, there's a good chance that the police confiscated the weapon as evidence. Your personal injury attorney will be able to request that the weapon be brought to court. A medical expert can use the weapon to demonstrate how your injuries came about, and may even use the weapon to determine the severity of your injuries.


Don't let your attacker walk free or go about their lives without having to face any consequences. After filing a police report, contact a personal injury attorney to determine whether you have enough evidence to file a claim. You deserve all the compensation that you are legally entitled to.