How To Find The Perfect Lawyer For Your Whistleblower Case

Whistleblowers help the government stop fraud and recover money that has been stolen from taxpayers and the US Treasury. It is the type of fraud that can endanger patients and U.S. soldiers. This type of case is known as a qui tam, which is bought under the False Claims Act. The False Claims Act is a law that rewards whistleblowers and provides them with job protection.

If you are planning to bring forth a fraud case, then you are going to need a good whistleblower representation lawyer. You need evidence to prove a fraud case. Here is to find the perfect lawyer for your whistleblower case.

How Does The First Claim Act Works?

The First Claims Act allows a private citizen to sue a business or individual that is defrauding the government. You can also recover the money and give it to the government agency. When you file a qui tam lawsuit, the case is sealed from everyone except the government. The government turns the case over to the Justice Department for them to investigate the allegations. The person or business being investigated is told nothing about the investigation.

Must Have Qui Tam Success

It is important to find a lawyer that has tried several whistleblower cases. He not only needs experience, but should have won some of the cases. When you talk to lawyers, you should ask for specific examples of their firm's success with cases that falls under the False Claims Act. You also want to know how much compensation was rewarded to their client. This information is important because you need a lawyer who knows what it takes to win this lawsuit.  

Pays For Travel Expenses

Qui tam lawyers are located all around the country. If you choose a lawyer out of your city and you choose him for representation, then he should offer to pay for you to come to his law office. Qui tam lawyers in Washington, D.C. have more resources because they are closer to the US Department of Justice.

It is important to collect supporting documents that provide detailed information about your case. This information should be handed over to your lawyer. The success of your whistleblower lawyer determines if you will receive a reward and how much. You can take qui tam cases to court without the government getting involved, but you will have more success with them a part of the claim.