Things To Know Concerning Disability Benefits

Qualifying for disability benefits can be a critical task for individuals that have lost their ability to work. While these benefits can help individuals to survive, it is common for individuals that would benefit from this type of support to be poorly informed about it.

Can Disability Benefits Be Used For Short-Term Injuries?

It should be noted that in order to qualify for disability benefits, a person will have to suffer from a long-term disability. In this instance, they must be expected to be disabled for at least a year. Whether your condition is expected to last for a year or the rest of your life, it is important to start the application process as promptly as possible as it can be a very lengthy task. Also, there are additional stipulations covering the type of injuries, diseases, and disabilities that are covered under this program. Therefore, it may be best to speak with an attorney that offers disability representation to better understand your options and what to expect.

Is A Medical Evaluation Necessary To Be Approved For These Benefits?

As part of the process of having your claim for disability benefits approved, you will need to undergo a series of evaluations. These evaluations are designed to confirm the recommendation from your doctor. Depending on the complexities and severity of your condition, multiple evaluations may be necessary to verify that you are sufficiently disabled to qualify for this type of support. These evaluations will usually involve a series of questions, and it is important to be as truthful as possible. If it is found that you were dishonest or exaggerated your claims, it could potentially result in an immediate dismissal of your application.

What Happens If Your Disability Application Is Denied?

An unfortunate reality about applying for disability benefits is that many individuals will find that their initial application for these benefits is rejected. While this can be a disheartening experience, there are options that you may be able to use. For example, it is usually possible to file at least one appeal for your application. 

Furthermore, it is possible to reapply for these benefits after a waiting period has passed. Due to the importance of your appeal being successful, you should retain an attorney for this part of the process if you were attempting to file for these benefits on your own. Otherwise, you may make simple mistakes that could prove to be devastating to your application.

For more information, contact your local social security disability attorney.