3 Tips To Help You Get More From Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers compensation insurance allows you to collect money to reimburse you for expenses related to injuries you sustained on the job. Unfortunately, however, many workers compensation claims do not completely cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to a person's injuries. How can you ensure that your workers' comp claim offers the compensation you deserve? Follow these three tips.

1. Hire an attorney from day one.

The human resources department in your company may insist that you just have to fill out a few forms to get compensated, but there's a good chance that when you hear back from the workers' comp insurance company, the money they off you won't be enough. At this point, many workers choose to hire an attorney to fight for a larger settlement. However, you will be better off if you hire an attorney the minute you decide you need to file a workers' comp claim. They can oversee the paperwork for you and make sure the insurance company knows you have a lawyer on your side. The insurance company will be less likely to make a low offer if they're aware a lawyer is already waiting in the wings to counter their offer.

2, See a second doctor.

Sometimes, you will be offered less money than you ask for because the insurance company does not believe your injuries are as serious as you claim them to be. To keep this problem from creeping up, see a second doctor to get a second opinion on your injuries. It will be harder for your insurance company to argue that two doctors are wrong than one.

3. Be wary of private investigators.

Many workers' comp insurance companies will send out private investigators to keep an eye on you while your claim is being processed. If you are seen participating in activities that suggest you are not as injured as you claim, your settlement may be denied or reduced. So, to guarantee a maximum payout, be very careful not to engage in activities your doctor recommends against -- especially in public. Be cautious about what you post on social media, too. Even if your accounts are pretty private, investigators have a way of coming across pictures that show you lifting things you shouldn't! 

When you're injured at work, you deserve to be compensated for all of the related costs -- not just some of them. Follow the tips above, and consult with your workers' compensation lawyer for additional assistance.