Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Talk To The Police

You might have heard that it's a terrible idea to talk to the police. But you assume that this is the case for those who are guilty of a crime. Since you are innocent, you surely won't have to worry about the fallout of talking to the police, right? In actuality, talking to the police is a bad idea regardless of how innocent you are and what you have done.

1. The Officer Will Arrest You

When a police officer wants to arrest you under suspicion of committing a crime, nothing that you say will prevent this from happening. There is nothing you can say that would help your defense. 

2. Innocent Suspects are Convicted Due to False Confessions

You may not even be suspected of a crime, but it is typically a bad idea to talk to the police even under these circumstances. If the police officer finds you to be doing something suspicious, you are allowed to tell him or her what you have been doing and your name. After that, you must state that you want a lawyer. It can be surprising how the police are able to generate a false confession from someone who is innocent even if they aren't under investigation.

3. Officers Make Mistakes

Some police officers make honest mistakes. You provide them with information that they remember incorrectly. Incorrectly remembering what you stated could lead to the officer believing you had committed a crime. You may also be the victim of faulty eyewitness testimony and an expert witness who does poor work reconstructing the scene of the crime.

4. Laws are Poorly Worded

In many cases, you may have committed a crime without knowing it. There are some laws that are written so poorly that actions that shouldn't be considered a crime can be interpreted as a crime. For  this reason, any statement you make could end up being a  confession that leads to your conviction. 

5. Officers Lie

If a police officer tells you that he or she will arrest you if you refuse to provide him with information, he will likely arrest you regardless of what you will say. Officers can lie to suspects, such as promising that they will let him or her go. If you were with your friends, the officer might lie and claim that your friends ratted you out. They may claim they have enough evidence when they actually don't. In every circumstance, your best option is to immediately get in contact with a law firm and not talk to the police.