Making Note Of Your Injuries After A Car Wreck

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a car wreck, don't be surprised when the pain goes beyond the physical. Traumatic events of any kind can cause emotional harm and car accidents are no exception. Read on to find out why using a journal to record your thoughts after an accident can help you both therapeutically and with your personal injury case.

Common Emotional Problems After an Accident

Your mental state is no less important than your physical state, perhaps even more so. Unfortunately, accident victims tend to focus their efforts on recovering from their physical injuries. Take a look at some common ways that accident victims can suffer as a result of either experiencing the accident itself or from dealing with the aftereffects of it on their bodies.

  1. Sleeping disorders (waking often, nightmares, sleepy during the day)
  2. Eating disorders (too much or too little, digestive issues)
  3. Mood disorders (anger, depression, anxiety)

The Emotional and Compensation Connection

The only way you can get paid for the emotional trauma of a car wreck is by taking legal action against the at-fault driver's insurance coverage. Pain and suffering take into account both the severity of your physical injuries and the way the accident has impacted you on a more emotional level. Using a pain journal is an effective way to keep up with the ways the accident continues to impact your day-to-day life. For example, you might note in the journal how difficult it was to miss your grandchild's ballgame due to being in too much pain from the accident. Such moments can cause victims to feel guilt, weakness, anger, and anxiety about being able to enjoy their family life again.

Using a Pain Journal

There are many benefits of using a journal. It is considered a form of mental health therapy to write about the events that have caused you both pain and joy. Make no mistake—your pain journal is not for use as evidence in your case, but it is a way to deal with your emotional trauma and as a memory aid to help you and your lawyer prepare your case. There are three key legal events where you will need to call upon the memories recorded there:

  1. The demand letter
  2. The deposition
  3. Your testimony at trial

The greater your physical injury, the more important a record of your pain and suffering will be. Speak to your car accident attorney to learn more.