What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Need To Know When Taking On Your Case?

Thinking of hiring a personal injury attorney after ending up with painful injuries? Your injuries could have occurred because of an accident caused by another individual's pure negligence. Because you are suffering, hiring an attorney makes the most sense, but you should be prepared to provide your attorney with some valuable information to help with your case.

What Injuries Do You Have?

Your injury attorney does need to know what types of injuries you have and how severe they are. While any injury would give you a good enough reason to file a lawsuit against another person who was responsible for causing your injuries, some injuries are catastrophic, leading to major problems for you to deal with now and in the future. You should make a list of all the injuries you have endured, including any of the following:

  • Broken hip, legs, wrists, and/or arms
  • Concussion 
  • Assorted head trauma leading to painful migraines and memory loss
  • Knee damage 
  • Damage to your back and spinal cord

Even if you think a specific injury is not that big of a deal, you should still talk to your injury attorney about each of the injuries and how severe they were. You can talk about what types of medical care you had to receive just to start healing from your injuries.

How Do the Injuries Negatively Impact Your Life?

A personal injury attorney will often determine the value of a case based on the injuries you were left with and the way that those injuries are negatively affecting you. After writing down a list of all your injuries, jot down how you are suffering because of them. Your list may include the following details:

  • You are living with chronic pain because of your injuries
  • You can no longer move around as fast or as freely as you did before
  • You are struggling to remember things that people say to you
  • You lost a limb because of the accident
  • You are permanently paralyzed due to your injuries

As you can see, the impact varies from chronic pain that you would need to manage throughout the rest of your lifetime to paralyzation that can change your life in many ways. No matter what has happened to you, the personal injury attorney needs to know it all when taking on your case.

The personal injury attorney needs to know more about your injuries and how you are negatively impacted by those injuries when taking on your case. It helps the attorney determine the value and the amount of compensation that you should get. You can contact an injury attorney in your area for more information.