Social Media and Your Divorce: Understanding the Link

It is probably like second nature to you to post events and updates about your life to your social media accounts, but habits like these can have severe consequences for you if you are in the middle of a divorce. Even seemingly innocent content can later be used against you in court, potentially impacting everything from child custody arrangements, to the way property is divided between you and your spouse. Keep reading to learn more about the associated of social media and your divorce so that you can understand why you should avoid social media until your divorce case has been finalized.

Negative Comments Are Likely to Reflect Poorly on You

Though you may think that your social media accounts are private, it is truly not wise to vent about your divorce to your family and friends through these platforms. Any comments that you make can be taken completely out of context by your spouse's divorce attorney and then he or she can use them to argue that a hostile environment is being create around your children. In addition, it simply shows you in a negative light to the judge, which could potentially impact their decisions regarding spousal support, property division, etc.

You May Be Suspected of Hiding Assets

Checking yourself into expensive restaurants or venues or posting vacation photos could create the overall impression that you failed to disclose all of your individual assets when filing your documents to the divorce court. Even in the event that it was someone else who paid for the dinner or a weekend getaway, posting photos or comments about it online could trigger a more thorough review of your finances, which could cause the case to take longer.

Routine Behavior May Be Taken out of Context

While you may not give second thought to posting a picture of having a drink with your best friends or checking into the local bar, your spouse's attorney could use this routine behavior to argue that you are an unfit parent because you have a drinking problem. Even if the content was posted by a friend, it could still reflect in a negative manner on you and your lifestyle.

If you are currently going through a divorce, you will want to avoid social media at all costs for the sake of the outcome of your divorce. To obtain the best possible outcome in the legal proceedings, you will want to hire divorce representation. Contact a divorce representative in your area for more information.