Has Your Teenager Been In A Car Wreck? What Steps To Take

If you are the parent of a teenage driver, one of the last things that you want to imagine is him or her getting into a car collision. However, teen drivers are more at risk of getting into an auto accident than other age groups. Because of this, it is imperative that you be familiar with the steps that you should take in the event that your teen driver does get into an accident so that you can ensure that your teen's rights are protected and that he or she can make a speedy recovery. Keep reading to learn more.

Remain Calm

First and foremost, it is important that you and your teenage child remain calm. Everyone is going to be shaken up from the incident, but you, as a parent, need to remain composed so that you can provide your teen with instructions to follow until you can get to the scene with them. The actions that your teen takes at this very critical time will make a significant difference in what happens in terms of liability and how legal action plays out if you decide to go that route.

Head to the Accident Scene

If you can, you will want to get to the site of the accident as quickly as possible so that you can offer emotional support for your teen and assess the situation in person. You will want to ensure that your teen has exchanged information with the other driver involved, contacted the police, collected testimonies from eyewitnesses, and taken pictures of the accident scene. If your teen has not done this yet, help them tackle these tasks. Since you are there, you will also be able to ensure that they do not inadvertently accept blame for the accident prior to a full investigation being performed.  

Get Your Teen Medical Care

Whether your teen has been obviously injured or not, it is imperative that you get your teen medical care. Even if your teen was only involved in a minor accident, he or she may have suffered injuries that are not visible immediately. Seeking medical attention will ensure he or she is diagnosed and treated properly. In the event that you decide to seek compensation via a lawsuit against the other party because he or she was at fault for the accident, medical records will be needed as evidence for the legal claim.

If you need help navigating the insurance company and/or if you decide to pursue legal action, contact a personal injury lawyer.