Truck Accident Claims Are Different From Car Accidents

One of the biggest difficulties people face when they pursue truck accident claims is that they do not see how these accidents differ from car accident claims. Truck accident claims can be a lot more serious and may require more work.

These are some of the ways truck accident claims are different from your standard accident claim.

Truck Accident Injuries Are Often More Severe

In many cases, accidents that involve trucks are a lot more serious. Trucks are heavier and can do a lot more damage than your average car. This leads to serious medical bills and potential loss of enjoyment of life and income.

Truck accident injuries can be deadly, leading to wrongful death cases. They can also cause spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, amputation, and other serious injuries.

Drivers Aren't the Only Ones Held Responsible

In car accident cases, the drivers and their insurance companies are the ones most often held responsible. In the case of trucking accidents, the company that owns the truck or hires the driver is also responsible. This makes the case much more complex because you have so many more moving parts to consider.

This means that your attorney will look for the various signs of fault, which could include the driver not getting enough rest, poor driver training, or poor truck maintenance. Sometimes there are several faults discovered at once, and often the company is breaking rules.

The Case Can Get Messy 

This means that may pursue a truck accident claim against a bigger company (with bigger insurance companies). You could find yourself facing a corporation with a lot more money and resources than you have, which can make things difficult. An attorney who is used to dealing with trucking accidents can provide you with a lot of help dealing with these cases.

When trucking companies have access to more resources than you do, they can push back against your claims. They can gather evidence and reduce your claim in court. You need somebody who can push back, somebody who knows the tactics the attorneys and insurance companies might use.

Speak With a Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident attorney can help you navigate some of the nuances associated with these types of accidents. A professional can help you address the common concerns people have as well as specifics to your case. Make your appointment today to set yourself up for good decisions.