Activities to Avoid While Out of Jail on a Bail Bond

If a person who has been arrested pays cash bail and follows all the court's guidelines, the money is refunded after the case ends. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford bail and do not have property to use as collateral. Another option is to obtain a bail bond that a licensed agency posts with the jail for the defendant's release. The fee for this service is not refundable, but it is often a substantially smaller amount than the full bail would be.

Fast Service

Many defendants have no way to pay several thousand dollars to the court. Even with the help of family and friends, this may be impossible. Applying and being approved for a bond is a welcome alternative.

The process can be completed swiftly, since these agencies usually provide service seven days a week at all hours. A friend or relative of the defendant can complete the application online or in person, even before a judge sets bail. That way, everything is ready as soon as the bond can be delivered.

Avoiding Bond Revocation

Certain actions on the part of a defendant can lead to the court revoking the bond and the person being arrested again. One of the worst decisions you could make would be doing something illegal. Getting caught by law enforcement would lead to a rearrest. Missing a court appointment, such as a hearing, results in the judge issuing a bench warrant.

A judge may restrict travel for the defendant to the state or even the immediate county. Being caught violating this restriction could lead to bond revocation. Random drug testing might also be required, especially if the charges involve drug possession. The defendant should be vigilant about not doing anything to fail that test.

Why Compliance Is Essential

In these instances, a defense lawyer could have significant difficulty convincing a judge to allow the defendant out again before trial or another resolution to the case. The bonding agency will have lost trust in their client as well. For those reasons, it's essential for people out on bond to comply with all the rules.

In Conclusion

Before release, defendants are informed about restrictions and requirements they must not violate while out on bond. If they are unsure about anything, the defense lawyer can clarify the points. A lawyer also could petition the court for permission to leave the state under certain conditions. The individual should not do anything to risk losing the privilege of being out of jail on bond. For more information about bail bonds, contact a local service near you.