Frequently Asked Questions About Mistakes On A Car Accident Police Report

Police officers are not perfect, and unfortunately, this may mean that they can make mistakes on car accident police reports. If you have been involved in a car accident that has left you injured, a car wreck lawyer can work with you to answer your questions and get the compensation you deserve. Here are a few of the questions you may have about mistakes on a car accident police report. 

What Mistakes Are Commonly Made on Car Accident Police Reports?

There are a number of mistakes that law enforcement may make on car accident police reports. Some of the most common mistakes include minor mistakes, such as misspelling a name or street address or writing the wrong date on the report. Other problems are larger, such as listing the wrong driver at fault, omitting key information about the cause of the accident, or not obtaining witness names or statements. 

What Should You Do If You Notice a Mistake on Your Car Accident Police Report? 

If you notice a mistake on your car accident police report, you have two options. If you are represented by a car wreck lawyer, you should reach out to them and they can work to correct the mistakes. If you are not represented, you can reach out to the agency that wrote the incorrect report. You can ask them to correct the mistakes, such as changing incorrect dates or spelling of names. Unfortunately, getting omitted information or fault information corrected can be difficult to do. You can ask, but there is no guarantee a police agency will change the report. 

Are You Out of Luck If the Police Report Falsely Lists You As Being at Fault? 

If the police list you as being at fault on a car accident report, it can be much harder to win a car accident injury case. If you have not already done so, you should consider hiring a car wreck lawyer to represent you. An attorney can work to obtain camera footage that may prove who was at fault, obtain witness statements to discredit the police report, or hire accident recreationists to show why the officer's version of events is incorrect and why the other driver was at fault. 

If you notice that there are mistakes on a police report pertaining to your car accident, you should contact your car wreck lawyer and have them help you correct the problem. If the police report will not be corrected, a car wreck lawyer can work to discredit any false information contained in the report, helping you to win your case and get the compensation you are entitled to.