2 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Notary Public For Your New Interstate Real Estate Business

If you operate a real estate business, you may have recently decided to start listing and managing properties that are located out of state. While accepting interstate listings may have helped expand your business, you may have discovered that gathering paperwork and having everything signed has become a logistical nightmare.

While trying to find a better way to have the legal documents for properties signed, you may be looking into your available options. If so, consider a couple of the benefits that come with hiring a mobile notary public to collect the signatures and documents for you.

1. Reduces the Chances of Fraud by Having Only Digital Copies Signed and Sent to You

One benefit of using a mobile notary is that it greatly reduces the chances of your company or sellers being the victims of fraud. If you have been collecting signatures digitally or have had people send signed copies to you through email, you never know if they were the ones who truly signed. 

Along with not being able to verify the signatures, you also are unable to verify identities if you receive the documents electronically. However, with the notary present, they will verify their picture IDs and watch as they sign before delivering the hard copies to you.

2. Eliminates the Need for All Parties Involved to Travel to Different States to Sign Documents

Another benefit of having a mobile notary collect the signatures on the real estate documents for you is that you and the other parties do not have to travel. Especially during the closing process, usually, everyone must meet up to sign the documents, which can be a hassle for all parties involved if you and they live in different states.

However, with a mobile notary, they travel to each individual to verify the signing of the documents. They travel for you to ensure that all signatures are legal and then deliver them to you without you having to leave your office.

When you use a mobile notary for your real estate business, you can greatly decrease the risk of fraud by having them present at the signing of documents instead of just having the person sign and send you a digital copy. You also eliminate the need for all parties to travel to a central location since the notary will visit each individual wherever they are. If you would like to learn more, speak with a business near you that offers mobile notary public services.