Get A Personal Injury Lawyer ~ And Avoid These Three Things If You Are Involved In A Slip-And-Fall-Incident

A slip-and-fall incident can happen to anyone. There are countless contributing factors to these incidents. If they are caused by negligence, injured parties may be entitled to compensation. Injuries can be bruises, sprains or strains, broken bones, or head injuries. Victims need to be aware of how they respond to these incidents. Their responses may affect any future personal injury claims that they file. 

One of the worse things that an individual who experiences a slip and fall can do is refuse medical treatment. It is not uncommon for individuals not to feel any pain at the time of the incident. This can be due to adrenaline rush or embarrassment. The following points highlight a few things that victims should not do if they have a slip and fall incident on business premises. 

Do Not Try to Stand Up

If you fall, do not try to get up. This is a common reaction that individuals have. It often related to them being embarrassed. The suggestion not to try to get up is because if an injury exists, it could get worse or cause another subsequent fall. It is best to wait until emergency responders arrive. They can help to ensure that proper body mechanics are used to properly stand. If needed, they can also lift the injured individual onto a stretcher.

Do Not Admit to Any Fault

Sometimes slip-and-fall victims are able to immediately identify what made them fall. Even if they are partially to blame, they should refrain from making statements such as, "I didn't see the wet spot on the floor because I was looking at my phone." Seemingly innocent statements can be detrimental to any future personal injury lawsuits.

Do Not Provide False Accounts

Some individuals may not tell the whole truth about what led to the slip and fall. Many businesses have CCTV, which may capture everything that occurs from start to finish. There might also be witness accounts that support the CCTV. Lying can hurt a case. Some business protocols allow verbal accounts of these incidents. Others have incident reports for victims to write out their version of events. It is better to not say anything or write out anything than to give a false verbal account. Most importantly, do not sign anything.

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use to learn more about victims' rights in slip and fall incidents. They can negotiate settlements on behalf of victims, and speak to insurance company representatives or lawyers. This protects victims from saying something that could hurt their injury claim. It also allows them time to focus on healing with minimal stress about the pending case.

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