Tips For Choosing The Right Form Of Bankruptcy For You: Chapters 7 Or 13

If you are in dire financial straits, afflicted with constant bill collection actions and in danger of losing property through foreclosure, bankruptcy could be right for you. There are several different types of bankruptcy, with two of the most well-known being used by individuals (as opposed to businesses) being chapter 7 and chapter 13. While both chapters 7 and 13 have many similarities, the way that debt and property is treated are quite different. Read More 

Interesting Laws To Be Aware Of When Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Delaware

Lawsuits can be pretty tricky, and personal injury lawsuits are no exception. You will need to navigate a variety of rules, laws, and regulations in order to get the money that you deserve. However, not every law is quite as obvious as you might like. Some laws apply to extremely specific circumstances and act in a way that might seem counter-intuitive. To help you build a better case, here are some of the unique laws that you may encounter when filing a personal injury lawsuit in Delaware: Read More 

3 Things You Should Do To Be Better Financially Prepared For Your Divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be stressful. In fact, divorce is considered one of the most stressful life events you can undergo. Although you can't escape all of the stress of divorce, you can properly prepare yourself financially to help make the process smoother. Here are a couple things that you should do to have your finances in order so that at the very least, you don't have stress about money throughout the divorce. Read More 

4 Things To Do After Being Injured At Work

Workers compensation insurance is something that employers are required to carry in order to protect employees who are injured at work. A workers compensation claim that is approved will pay for your medical care and compensate you for time missed from work. But most workers compensation insurance policies require employees to follow certain steps in order for their claim to be approved. If you're hurt at work, do the following: Read More 

Understanding Elder Abuse: When Your Loved One Has Been Abused, Neglected Or Exploited

With an ever increasing elder population, the United States is a breeding ground for elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. When you are concerned about a loved one in your life that you believe is being treated poorly, understanding what elder abuse is can help you determine what your next step can be. From physical abuse, to financial exploitation, elders are at risk because they may lack the ability to understand what is going on, or be defenseless to prevent the abuse. Read More