2 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Notary Public For Your New Interstate Real Estate Business

If you operate a real estate business, you may have recently decided to start listing and managing properties that are located out of state. While accepting interstate listings may have helped expand your business, you may have discovered that gathering paperwork and having everything signed has become a logistical nightmare. While trying to find a better way to have the legal documents for properties signed, you may be looking into your available options. Read More 

What To Know About Whiplash Injuries

Were you in an accident that caused you to have a whiplash injury? If so, you likely have some questions about how whiplash can play into a personal injury lawsuit. What Is Whiplash?  Whiplash can occur anytime someone's head and neck are forcefully moved back and forth due to an impact. This often happens in a car accident when someone's vehicle comes to a complete stop from a very high speed, but it can happen in other types of personal injuries as well. Read More 

How To Recover Damages After A Driver Hit You After Running A Red Light

When walking on a crosswalk, you shouldn't have to worry about being struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. But unfortunately, some drivers aren't paying attention and will sometimes blow through a red light. If you're struck by a car as a pedestrian, it's important to know what the next steps are to take. Despite the Risk, Drivers Still Run Red Lights Motorists continue to run red lights even when cameras are put in place to catch motorists in the act. Read More 

Understanding Eye Problems In Relation To Disability Payments

Your eyes are critical in enabling you to execute your job and other tasks effectively. Thus, an injury or illness to this critical body part can greatly impact your ability to work and make it challenging to provide for your family. So, you might consider seeking financial assistance through disability benefits. First, however, you may want to consult a legal advisor to determine whether your condition meets the required threshold. You could qualify for the payments if you suffer from the eye problems discussed below: Read More 

3 Things Lyft Accident Lawyer Will Do To Get You Fully Reimbursed After A Wreck

Rideshare apps have become increasingly popular over the past years. These companies have made it easier than ever to get around because you only have to open up an app on your smartphone to call for a ride. However, drivers can get involved in crashes and seriously harm their passengers and other motorists. Obtaining compensation for these incidents can be challenging because most drivers are independent. Fortunately, a Lyft accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal landscape of these crashes. Read More