Child Custody Changes: What You Need to Know

Foreclosures And Short Sales: How Real Estate Attorneys Can Help Protect Your Rights And Maximize Recovery

If you're currently facing foreclosure or considering a short sale, you're probably experiencing some understandable anxiety about your future. Although no one enjoys being in this position, having an experienced real estate lawyer to help you navigate the complex legal landscape involved in these situations can make a significant difference in the outcome as well as help reduce the amount of anxiety you experience during the process. The following are various ways that a knowledgeable real estate attorney can protect your rights, negotiate favorable terms, and help to maximize your financial recovery. Read More 

Four Reasons To Contest A Will During Probate

A person's last will and testament is a document that is created to decide how their assets are distributed after they pass away. While you may assume that a will is final and cannot be disputed, know that isn't the case at all. There are a few situations where it may be worth challenging a will's validity. The Person Lacked Mental Capacity It's important to know that a will can only be valid if it is signed by a person that is mentally able to understand what they are signing. Read More 

When You Might Need A Real Estate Tax Attorney

If you are involved in any real estate transactions, you need to ensure legal compliance to avoid any potential tax issues. Though many real estate transactions can be handled with the guidance of a qualified accountant, there are certain circumstances when it may be beneficial to seek assistance from an experienced real estate tax attorney.  Here are some circumstances when you should consider seeking out the services of a real estate tax attorney. Read More 

Chapter 13: 3 Situations That Might Make You Consider Changing Your Bankruptcy Plan

Declaring bankruptcy under Chapter 13 comes with several benefits. This includes creating a repayment plan that might make it easier to repay what you owe. In addition, you have a right to amend the plan when you want to make your payment easier and exit bankruptcy faster. However, it is advisable to work with an attorney when making changes to your plan. This will enable you to get advice on the amendments that will work best for your situation. Read More 

2 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Notary Public For Your New Interstate Real Estate Business

If you operate a real estate business, you may have recently decided to start listing and managing properties that are located out of state. While accepting interstate listings may have helped expand your business, you may have discovered that gathering paperwork and having everything signed has become a logistical nightmare. While trying to find a better way to have the legal documents for properties signed, you may be looking into your available options. Read More