Child Custody Changes: What You Need to Know

4 Things To Do After Being Injured At Work

Workers compensation insurance is something that employers are required to carry in order to protect employees who are injured at work. A workers compensation claim that is approved will pay for your medical care and compensate you for time missed from work. But most workers compensation insurance policies require employees to follow certain steps in order for their claim to be approved. If you're hurt at work, do the following: Read More 

Understanding Elder Abuse: When Your Loved One Has Been Abused, Neglected Or Exploited

With an ever increasing elder population, the United States is a breeding ground for elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. When you are concerned about a loved one in your life that you believe is being treated poorly, understanding what elder abuse is can help you determine what your next step can be. From physical abuse, to financial exploitation, elders are at risk because they may lack the ability to understand what is going on, or be defenseless to prevent the abuse. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should See A Patent Attorney Before Going Public

If you have a new idea for a business or a new invention, you may want to shout it from the rooftops and immediately get started making money. While going public as fast as you can may net you money, it can also net you problems. More specifically, many people with invention ideas or business patents may run into problems with their intellectual property being stolen or their business getting messed up. Read More 

Family Law: Is Your Ex-Spouse Keeping You From Your Child?

If your ex-spouse does everything in their power to keep you from your child but expects you to pay child support anyway, contact a family law attorney. Unless you have a history of child or spousal abuse, you have the right to see your loved one after you divorce the other parent. Although it's frustrating, your situation isn't unique. There are reports of a growing trend of parents who keep other parents from their children after they divorce. Read More 

Three Things To Note About Nominal Damages

A court may award you nominal damages if you haven't suffered substantial injuries or losses that deserve monetary compensation. The court may do this just to recognize your injuries or losses. As such, you may only be awarded insignificant money as compensation, even one or two dollars. Here are three important things you should know about nominal damages: It Must Be Preceded By another Form of Damage The court cannot award punitive damages as the only damages in a lawsuit; other damages must be awarded first. Read More