Ex-Employee Sues You Without Cause? Justify Your Actions With This Proof

The Internet is full of legal cases involving employees suing employers over discrimination, illegal firings, and many other issues. In addition, a number of state and federal laws protect employees from employer retaliation and other labor concerns. But what about you and your company? Do you have the right to protect your company from an unfair legal suit if the ex-employee says you fired them without due cause? You do, and your business attorney can help you do so. Read More 

Secure Your Rights Through Information And Openness - Questions To Ask Your Social Security Attorney

If you or someone you love has had their ability to provide for themselves threatened due to a disability, you're likely entitled to relief and assistance from the social security administration. However, many people find themselves intimidated by the associated large bureaucracy and end up settling for amounts that are far less than they may be entitled to. Hiring an attorney to oversee your social security claim can be an excellent decision in these instances. Read More 

How To Determine When It’s Time To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

You may find it harder to work than you once did if you have been in the workforce for a few decades. This does not mean you are disabled, but at what point do you make the transition from work is difficult to work is impossible? Knowing when it is time to file for social security disability benefits will make the entire process go more smoothly. You Have Sustained a Significant Injury that Has Left You Disabled Read More 

Don’t Let Divorce Turn You Into The Grinch This Holiday Season

When you're going through a divorce, the last thing you want to think about is the holidays. Thinking of holidays past or potential separations from your children is enough to leave you feeling like the Grinch. However, before you allow your situation to turn you into a green Dr. Seuss character, take time to learn some coping mechanisms for the holidays. Yes, navigating the holidays will be a bit difficult with a pending divorce looming over your holiday cheer, but you can get your " Read More 

Accidents Happen: What Drivers Need To Know

If you are involved in a car accident you must stop your vehicle and inspect the damage, regardless of who is at fault. If you fail to stop, you can be charged with a criminal offense, known as a hit and run. There are other things you should know about car accidents, so you can avoid legal problems in the future.  Always Stop And Report Anytime you are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, you must stop. Read More