Men: What To Do When Your Spouse Unexpectedly Files For Divorce

If your spouse unexpectedly files for divorce and seeks full custody of your children, you may feel angry, discouraged, and even hopeless about your situation. Divorce isn't easy for either spouse, especially if one of the parties didn't see it coming. Although divorce can take a serious toll on men and women, some men may experience a great deal of emotional pain before and after their marriage ends. Here are things you may consider doing when your spouse unexpectedly files for divorce. Read More 

Auto Accidents And The Law: A Primer For Victims

Have you or a family member received injuries in a recent auto accident? If that is the case, you need to be aware of some of the important legal issues surrounding car accidents. This article examines some key legal considerations concerning car crashes that all accident victims should know. Fault In most states, the most crucial legal point regarding a car accident is who is responsible. If you are responsible for the accident, then you will not have a legal case and will not be able to recover damages from the other driver's insurance company. Read More 

Making Note Of Your Injuries After A Car Wreck

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a car wreck, don't be surprised when the pain goes beyond the physical. Traumatic events of any kind can cause emotional harm and car accidents are no exception. Read on to find out why using a journal to record your thoughts after an accident can help you both therapeutically and with your personal injury case. Common Emotional Problems After an Accident Read More 

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Talk To The Police

You might have heard that it's a terrible idea to talk to the police. But you assume that this is the case for those who are guilty of a crime. Since you are innocent, you surely won't have to worry about the fallout of talking to the police, right? In actuality, talking to the police is a bad idea regardless of how innocent you are and what you have done. Read More 

Estate Planning Is About More Than Who Gets What

When thinking about the estate planning process, it's easy to assume that it's mostly about naming beneficiaries and seeing that they get what was assigned to them. Taking that view, though, can leave people you love in a difficult position and make it harder for them to preserve your legacy. Here are some of the other issues you need to keep an eye on. The Tax Bill Always Comes Due Read More