Important Elements Of HOA Voting Guidelines

Homeowners associations have a great deal of governance over the neighborhood. However, they do not have the ultimate power. The homeowners have authority and they most often showcase it in the form of voting. Voting is a critical part of the HOA-homeowner balance, so it is critical that all HOA organizations establish a voting plan and stick with it. Notification You must establish a manner in which you notify homeowners of an upcoming vote. Read More 

2 Circumstances That May Require You To Obtain Probate Lawyer Services

Most individuals would not want their loved ones bickering over these important matters after their death, but it can happen. Sometimes the judicial system has to intervene on these estate matters. The concerned parties have to rely on probate courts to make a ruling regarding disputes or to clarify the distribution of assets or property. The following points represent circumstances that might require intervention from probate courts.  Beneficiary Issues Sometimes individuals forget to list beneficiaries for their bank accounts with remaining balances, retirement plan balances, or life insurance policies. Read More 

4 Benefits of Using a Legal Document Printing Service

Many law offices handle all of their own printing. So far, this might be how you have always handled things within your own law firm, too. However, legal document printing services do exist for a reason, and there are a lot of law offices that use them. You may find that making this change is a good idea for your own law office for these reasons and more. They'll Understand the Sensitive Nature of Your Documents Read More 

Social Media and Your Divorce: Understanding the Link

It is probably like second nature to you to post events and updates about your life to your social media accounts, but habits like these can have severe consequences for you if you are in the middle of a divorce. Even seemingly innocent content can later be used against you in court, potentially impacting everything from child custody arrangements, to the way property is divided between you and your spouse. Keep reading to learn more about the associated of social media and your divorce so that you can understand why you should avoid social media until your divorce case has been finalized. Read More 

Tips For Preventing Parental Kidnapping

Parental kidnapping occurs if one parent takes the children without consent from the other parent. The risk of parental kidnapping is high for non-married parents or parents who are going through a divorce. Below are some of the precautions you can take to avoid parental kidnapping. Get a Custody Order The first thing is to get a custody order if you don't have one already. Without a custody order, the other parent might claim vacation or outings if you accuse them of parental kidnapping. Read More